How to DORA in Athens

The Rules

During the days & times the DORA is in effect, people 21 years old and over can purchase alcoholic beverages from a permitted establishment and carry them within a clearly defined area within Athens!

DORA is turned ON from May 8 – August 15

and will run only during certain times throughout the week:

Monday – Thursday  5pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday  12pm – 10pm
Sunday  12pm – 8pm

* After the DORA end time, you must NOT have an open container of alcohol on the street!

You must STAY IN THE BOUNDARIES while enjoying a DORA drink!

Athens DORA boundaries will be clearly marked on intersections in the uptown area. Essentially, these boundaries make a rectangle around uptown Athens and also includes areas near Station/Depot and W Union. Check for boundary signs at all intersections.

What to look for while uptown